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Every possible information about the wonderful planet of holdi posted here exclusively for you.

john holdi, emperor of the holdiplanet


John Holdi, Emperor of the Holdi­­planet

Dear visitors, here now a few words about me. Well I am Holdi the Emperor of the lovely planet of Holdi. As an emperor and despot of this planet I am unbelievable busy in ruling that whole complex thing here. It’s one hell of hard work, believe me!

Anyway, despite of that incredibly hard work, I still have left a very tiny bit of time for recreation and such things. On this website, you will find some of my favourite things that I like to do and watch in my short spare time. Just have a look.



John Holdi

August 18th

Despot of the Planet of Holdi

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• Sex on the Beach
• Orgasmus
• Monicas Blowjob
• Pink Pussy Cat
• B-69 Flame
• French Kiss

TV series
Dr. House, Navy CIS, Monty Phytons Flying Circus

Casablanca, Local Hero, Dead Man don‘t wear Plaid, Holy Grail, Life of Brian

1. Auld Lang Syne
2. Fairytale of NY
3. Once upon a Time
4. Dirty old Town

more music
playlist 10
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brief introduction to the holdiplanet

This is a brief introduction to the holdiplanet. Telling you the most important facts. Revisit this site, there is always more information to be published on this pages.

a brief introduction to the planet of holdi (en)

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kurze einführung zum holdiplaneten

Dies ist eine kurze Einführung über den Holdiplaneten. Nur die wichtigsten Fakten in Kürze. Besuchen sie diesen Webauftritt wieder, sie werden hier immer wieder neue Informationen finden.

kurze einführung zum planeten holdi (de)

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