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Terms & Conditions for the holdiplanet free-sms-tool

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By your subscription you accept ALL the conditions stated below.


Subscription to the Free-SMS-Tool is limited to people with connection to us (friends, relatives etc.). We reserve the right to deny subscription without giving any reason.


The availability of the service is not guaranteed. It can be switched off without giving prior notice.

Number of Free-SMS:

Of course you get only a limited amount of Free SMS. If they are used and we are in extremly good mood and you were always very kind and friendly, we might assign you some more.

Anyway, we only can provide you a share in our own relatively high but never the less limited amount of free sms per year, assigned to us by our web-sms-provider.


By joining this tool, you accept the obligation to treat us - the generous owners of this site - with extremely high respect, very friendly and submissive.

You further accept to fulfill any of our wishes and desires and to carry out anything we define as your task. This means: ANYTHING! ANYTIME! ANYWHERE! ALWAYS! 😉


Any information you submit to us with your subscription can and will be misused by us for any purpose.

Penalty clause:

Any missobservance of the above rules well be punished very seriously!
Any missuse of this tool will bring you in very severe troubles!

Frequently asked questions / Important notes:

After sending your submission, you will receive an UNLOCK-sms with an unlock-key. Please forward this to one of the admins. We will inform you, when your account is active.

New addresses can be entered on the first line of the form. Valid GROUPS are 0 to 9. Group 8+9 are not shown in the recipient-selection!

Change of mobile-no.: Your mobile-no can't be changed here. Its registered on the sms-server. If you need to change it, please send an sms to one of the admins.

I am looking forward to your messages, so register now. 😉

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