xmas card and annual report 2008

Xmas-card and annual report 2008 for you:

card2008thumb    report2008thumb

This edition with lots of pics from our cruise to the eastern mediterranean sea…

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Yes, of course the holdiplanet is on facebook too.

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John Holdi

the holdiplanet on twitter

Certainly the Planet of Holdi and it’s Emperor does maintain a twitter account aswell. You are very welcome to follow the posts from the Holdiplanet. Here is my twitter timeline and link:

Cu on twitter then 😉

xmas card and annual report 2007

Here for you as download. Xmas card and annual report 2007 as pdf-file.

xmas2007cardthumb    xmas2007reportthumb

Reporting the kick-off meeting of project 4.5, miro a new citizen on the holdiplanet and the excursion to milano and pavia.

xmas card and annual report 2006

The xmas card and the annual report for you as a pdf-version:

card2006thumb    report2006thumb

The year of 2006 when momo left the holdiplanet for a new hunting ground and pita arrived as a new citizen.