x-mas-card and annual report 2013

We wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2014! 

And now for something completely different: Once again the famous holdiplanet x-mas-card and the annual report are out in the wild right now. And as usually, here is the download of the freshly pressed 2013 issue for you (just click on the picture to download or open the pdf):

card2013t     report2013t

This years issue featuring: The holiday-trip to Alassio, Italy, the brunch on october 27th, the barbecue on august 1st. and … “43! – une fête à tout casser, à Rick‘s Café Américain (sur la planète holdi)”.

43! the party – invitation (final version)

Invitation to Rick’s Café Américain – 43! The Party!

Friday August 30th in the evening!

My dear usual suspects,

here is the final version of the invitation for download as pdf:


43! the invitation as pdf for you.

Hope to see you at Rick’s Café Américain on Friday 30th August.

43! the party! invitation

Invitation to Rick’s Café Américain – 43! The Party!

Friday August 30th in the evening!

My dear usual suspects,

There remains just one more tradition to honour this month. The traditional holdiplanet party. This year it takes place in the evening of Friday August 30th at “Rick’s Café Américain” (on the planet of holdi).

You are welcome to register online for the party here: www.holdiplanet.ch/join-43-the-party/

Download the invitation as a pdf-file → here.

Of all the gin joints in all the towns in all the world, please walk into mine on August 30th.

Yours truly,

John Holdi, emperor of the planet of holdi


application form – join “43! the party!”

Foto43! The Party! 1943 – 2013 70th anniversary

My dear usual suspects. Here is the application form for those who want to join the party and have a lot of fun. I am looking forward to see you on Friday August 30th from 5.30 pm at Rick’s Café Américain.

Joining is easy! Just fill in the form here: Continue reading


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A very warm welcome to holdiplanet online. This is the one and only extremely official website of the planet of holdi. On these pages you will find all that unique and reliable information about our lovely planet, you always were looking for. The following ones are my favourites and the most recent posts on here:

Of course there is a bunch of more stuff on this website. Just surf through it! And certainly you are invited to leave your comments on the posts or in the guestbook, send a free sms-text-message or a mail. Or just view the xmas-cards or claim your xmas-bonus with the forms provided. Enjoy and have fun!

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