local hero: victors song

One of my absolutely favourite scenes from local hero. Victor the russian captain sings his song at the ceilidh.

„Guess that I was born to be a rover.
Guess I’ve always been a rolling stone.
But someday when my rolling days are over.
I will find a place to call my own.
Cause even the lone stars they get lonesome.
Lonesome as the lost ship on the sea.
Even the lone stars they get lonesome.
Lonesome for a lone star man like me.“

1 thought on “local hero: victors song

  1. Tom Smith

    I could not stop laughing during this scene. A Russian trawler Captain singing about the Lonstar State and a “lonestar man” just struck me funny, especially with the gusto he had singing it…in Scotland!! Just too funny. My favorite scene in the movie!


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