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invitation history of art seminar

My dear Friends of the History of Art!

Just recently a long missing piece of finest contemporary artwork has been retrieved in Canada.

By courtesy of the Art Gallery of Ontario, Toronto we are able to present you a print of this famous painting on the backside of this invitation-leaflet, to illustrate the tre-mendous importance of this renowned piece of art.

This work, created in 1989 by popular artist John Holdi, marked an important mile-stone in painting. Not only its unique technique combining highlighter, pencil and crayon on pink typewrit-er paper but also the marvel-lous lack of any creativity and endeavour in its creation are still influencing the world-wide arts scene to this day.

To celebrate the recovery of this masterpiece Phone Number Trace , we have the honour to invite you officially and personally to a reception taking place at the Holdi-planet National Museum and a seminar held by our curator the famous art historian Miss Sophie!

Don’t miss this opportunity. The Artist will be present in person at this event.

Cheeerioooh Miss Sophie!!!

Read more in this pdf → history-of-art-seminar